Orgasm Disorders and Overthinking

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“Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.” – Mother Teresa

Orgasm Disorders

Did you know that there are some people in the world who have orgasm disorders? The disorder forces people to have uncontrollable orgasms throughout the day and night, without warning. What a nightmare that would be for those of us who must meet with clients or attend our kid’s PTA meetings. If you never heard of this problem, sit back. We are about to introduce you to a woman who has this disorder and she explains just how terrible her life is, as a result.

Most people wish they could walk around having orgasms throughout the day. They think that something like this would be pleasurable, but what they don’t know is that this comes with a great deal of pain. As described by the woman in the video, this condition puts a lot of pressure and strain on her vaginal walls. She can’t hold a job because she is never certain of when the ‘feeling’ will take place. Additionally, she can’t really ride in a car or have her cell phone near her lap because any vibration will set the condition off, once again. What a pain! You can’t help but feel sorry for anyone who has to endure this type of problem.

When you first see this video, you will wonder if the entire scene is a joke. She talks of how she can’t stop having orgasms and she does so with a completely straight face. It’s not until you watch the video for a period of time that you realize that this is truly a serious condition. The crazy thing is that although the woman explains how this problem is making her life hell, you still know that there are those people who are watching still wishing that they had her problem. Tell us what you think.

The biggest problem with overthinking

How many of us have had an idea about something that we truly wanted to do, but then we think ourselves right out of even trying? This is a real problem throughout society, and it needs to be discussed seriously. Overthinking is one of the most deadly and destructive things that we can do to ourselves. It causes us to allow fear inside of our brains–which is bad because fear is only ‘false evidence appearing real’ in the first place.

It’s unfortunate that our constant thinking can be so destructive. Rather than thinking about how great we can be at something, or how perfect we are, we will allow our minds to get carried away with thoughts that are the complete opposite. It’s never a situation where our overthinking leads us to do something that we would normally not try.

Take a person interested in writing their first book, for example. The moment they decide that they want to write a book, they are supposed to just go for it. Do their research about how it should be done, and then just go for it. This doesn’t happen, however.

Instead, a person who wants to write a book will think about how they can’t afford the cost associated with publishing, how they can’t market the book because they don’t have the skills, and how they can’t imagine anyone ever reading their book. Before they know it, they have talked themselves out of trying. Motivational speaker Les Brown said that “the greatest treasures can be found in the graveyard” at one of his presentations. He meant that people die with their best ideas…never putting them to use prior to their death.

These videos (video 1 and video 2) give us a funny take on what it means to overthink everything. Although the videos will make you laugh, they will also do a great job of helping you to see just how destructive we can be to ourselves when we listen to those nonstop thoughts that tend to discourage us from doing what we love.


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