Enough With The Gender Drama

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“Quick decisions are unsafe decisions.” – Sophocles

Where Are The Feminist Protestors?

It’s amazing how feminists seem to jump all over men who objectify women, yet they go radio silent the moment women objectify themselves and others like them. Is it not fair that feminists protect the image and rights of women from anyone who might attempt to push women back 10 paces? Is there a rule in the feminist book that states that only men are to be tormented when they dare objectify women or treat them unfairly? What about women who objectify themselves? Does this not give all women a bad reputation?

In this video, you will see an interesting competition that really exists in Brazil called the Best BumBum competition. The women in the video compete with one another by proving they have the best ass…simple as that.

Most feminists might argue that it’s men who are putting the competition on and that this is why men are the target for their protests. This still falls flat considering the women who participate in this competition were not forced to do so. They are willing participants who are eager and excited to be known all over the world as the woman with the biggest ass. Something has to be said about those women who are not afraid to not only objectify themselves for a little money but who are also willing to keep women in a spotlight of being known as something that shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

Check the video out and tell us if you think we are missing the mark on this one.

Putting Boys In Dresses

There is a parent fighting the school board because her young 5-year-old son was sent home with a note saying that his hair should either be cut because it’s too long or he should come to school in a dress and identify himself as a girl. Unfortunately, this truly happened.

Since when have public schools had the right to dictate how a child’s hair should look when they attend school? Rather than focusing on ensuring that every kid has a proper education, our school system seems to be stuck on stupid. Here you have a child that has long hair in kindergarten, and he has to face the ignorance of adults simply because they feel his hair should look a certain way. What does his hair have to do with his ability to learn–let alone the school’s ability to teach?

There needs to be a completely new overhaul of the educational system. Not only are we forced to deal with teachers who are caught for being in relationships with their teenage students, but now we are forced to watch out for an entire school system that has a hidden agenda of lookism.

Take a look at this news clip and decide for yourself if we are being a bit too over the top on this one.

Wheel of Impressions with Nick Kroll

Jimmy challenges Nick Kroll to improvise impressions of random celebrities speaking about never-before-seen topics, like Pitbull talking about flu shots.

Watch here