You’re Just A Fake

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“My favorite animal is steak.” –
Fran Lebowitz

Stay Away

There is nothing more frightening than seeing that everything that you have witnessed on television is one big fraud. News reports that site emergency situations in our country, as well as the emergencies of other countries, only work their magic with the help of a creative writer and a green screen.

This sounds terribly cynical, but the reality is that you must keep your eyes open at all times when dealing with anything being reported over the news. Rather than telling the world what is really going on so that people are informed, the media opts instead to sell, sell, sell.

They sell you fear, they sell you propaganda, and the worst part is that we all eat it up. It’s as if we love remaining asleep so that we don’t have to think too hard about much of anything. It’s also a game of having the media do the thinking for us. When this happens, it’s a bad deal.

In this video, you will see first-hand just how easy it is to pull the wool over our eyes.

Alessia Cara Sings Different Impressions

Most people know Alessia Cara for her powerful and postive lyrics. However, she also has a talent for impressions!

Jimmy challenges her to attempt as many impressions of random singers as she can, like Ariana Grande and Cardi B, while singing Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy.”

Watch her do it all here

Who’s This?

Ed O’Neill has a history of not recognizing famous people when he meets them in real life, so Ellen tested his celebrity recognition in a hilarious game of ‘Who’s This?”

Watch here