When Emotions Get The Better Of Us

The Nightcap


“Change before you have to.” –
Jack Welch

Animals and Emotions

How much do our furry friends really feel? Do they experience love or loss? Most of us like to humanize our pet’s emotions but how off are we… what type of emotions are they really capable of?

Lucky for you we may finally have some answers! From mourning orcas to distressed elephants, biological anthropologist Barbara J. King has witnessed grief and love across the animal kingdom.

In this eye-opening talk, she explains the evidence behind her belief that many animals experience complex emotions, and suggests ways all of us can treat them more ethically — including every time we eat.

According to her, “Animals don’t grieve exactly like we do, but this doesn’t mean that their grief isn’t real. It is real, and it’s searing, and we can see it if we choose.”

A Father’s Reaction

We live during a time when everyone seems to approve of the LGBTQ community and what it stands for. This is fine, and without a doubt, people should be accepted for who and what they are. Unfortunately, not everyone can simply accept this notion…especially when it hits too close to home.

Take this father, for example.He agrees to show up on the Dr. Phil program when invited by his son–who, by the way, does this to introduce his father to the ‘female’ side of himself.

Love Island – SNL

Meet the cast of Love Island (Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Cecily Strong, Aidy Bryant, Chris Redd, Beck Bennett, Alex Moffat, Chloe Fineman) of the British reality TV sensation that took over your summer.

Watch here