Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk… Or Cold Fries

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“I base most of my fashion taste on what doesn’t itch.” – Gilda Radner

Going Crazy Over Cold Fries

We have all seen the videos of customers who have entered fast-food joints in a huff because of cold food or wrong orders. We have also seen these same customers lose it and attempt to fight the staff without caring about who they hurt or how bad they look in the process. Well, unfortunately, this can turn over a new level of karma if the wrong person attempts to play this game.

In this video, we have a woman who goes into a McDonald’s restaurant prepared to demand her money back after she had received the wrong order. She was not happy about the fact that it took a bit too long for her needs to be met, so she did what most customers like her would do: she lost it. She began to throw her food and curse at the manager in an effort to relieve her frustration.

The problem is that this just happened to have been a manager who didn’t take that shit. This manager became immediately offended and grabbed the first thing that she could in defense of herself. Yes, you read that right. The manager struck back by throwing a blender at the woman, causing major facial damage.

Too Late

One of the most unfortunate things about life is that when we are the ablest physically and time-wise, we are also the most ignorant and naive.

How many adults – including yourself – do you know that say something along the lines of “I wish I knew that when I was young?”

What are the lessons in life people learn too late? What do the 100-year-olds and elders among us regret from their lives? Do they regret the things they did, or the things they didn’t do?

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