Who Can You Trust These Days?

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“I want to put a ding in the universe.” – Steve Jobs

Halloween Fright on an Average Night

Halloween has come and gone, thank goodness. How many times can a person continually walk to their door to pass out cheap candy in one night? Let’s be honest, depending on where you live, every time you open your door to give out candy you are allowing the heat in your home to escape! That will cost you way more than those cheap bite-sized candy bars in the long run. Obviously, we don’t all love Halloween. However, there are those adults out there that love the holiday so much that they even take it a step further–whether it’s Halloween or not.

In this video, we have a few individuals who dressed up as the most horrific horror movie characters and they did the best job of scaring the shit out of people. They would wait until they were in an elevator, an empty parking lot, or some other area that allowed them to single people out for the fright of their lives. The funny thing about this video is that people don’t wait to see what’s going on before they run for the hills the moment they see these characters. Even when they saw a little girl who dressed like a demon, they ran as fast as they could to escape the situation.

In some ways, we love to be frightened. The proof in this statement can be found in our obsession with horror movies. We love sitting in a dark room and watching people get chopped to bits with blood squirting all over the place. We have a dark fascination at seeing just how evil some people can be when they are dealing with other humans. We don’t care if it’s teenagers who are being killed, either. Some of the biggest grossing horror films involve kids being mauled by deranged characters who have only one goal: to kill as many teenagers as they could find. A parent had to be the mastermind behind that type of horror film!

The Journey to Millions of Followers

The McClure Twins have over 5 million followers across Facebook and YouTube, and it all started after a simple family moment went unexpectedly viral.

In this talk, social media content creator Justin McClure pulls back the curtain to reveal what it took to transition from a single lucky video to a full-time business — from learning skills and equipment, to thinking hard about brand identity and family values.

Justin McClure, is an autodidactic photographer, videographer, keynote speaker, and former comedian with more than a decade of creative experience. His skill set helped catapult his family to fame in 2016 following their viral YouTube video, “Twins Realize They Look The Same.”

Since, Justin and his family have amassed over 5 million social media followers, partnered with major brands, and recognized as a Forbes Magazine Top Influencer.

10 Signs of Fake Nice People

Are you wondering if you have a fake friend? Or colleague? Fake nice people are sometimes hard to spot, luckily this video was made to help you recognize some of the signs.