Lucky Son Of A Gun

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“Oh, don’t let’s ask for the moon. We’ve already got the stars.” – Bette Davis

Life Or Death

Are you one of the people who missed being harmed by only an inch? If so, you are truly one of the lucky ones in life. There are people who are only inches away from deadly situations, and then…there are others. Unfortunately, we can’t all be lucky in the world. Some of us fall and drown, get hit by cars, crash in an aircraft, or get mauled by vicious animals. Terrible thing to say, but it’s true. We can’t all be lucky enough to miss these unfortunate situations in life. Maybe that’s why it’s nice to see videos like this where people are captured on film missing death by only an inch.

Death is something that no one wants to discuss because it is something that no one wants to face. The reality, however, is that death is a part of life–whether we like this fact or not. If dying is a part of living, then we should understand the power that lies in experiencing both. As humans, we want to live and experience life to the fullest. Yet, the other aspect of life is something that we aren’t willing to accept, let alone explore through conversation.

In this video, you will see first-hand just how lucky some people really are. This is a compilation video that consists of different people who were in different situations that could have proven deadly. Talk about having an angel on your back! One guy on a motorcycle was only moments from being hit after he fell off his bike and it’s all captured on film!

The Coffee Shop Blues

Let’s talk for a moment about the type of people that tend to frequent coffee shops, shall we? First, there are the folks who order espresso drinks with the fancy design on the foam who then simply pour the drink into their coffee mugs! This seems normal to us but imagine how the server who created that artwork on the foam feels when he or she sees this type of disrespect!

Coffee houses have a special culture of people who are very much in the know when it comes to coffee shop etiquette.

They know what to ask for, how the drink should look and taste, and they have a look and feel to them that is completely directed at what one would identify as a coffee shop customer. If you can’t understand what we are talking about, then clearly you are not a part of that circle.

Check this video out and prepare yourself to laugh harder than ever! You’ll see that the coffee shop culture is strong, alive, and kicking…just like the coffee they drink.

The Nova Effect – The Tragedy of Good Luck

Here’s a short fictional story about a series of events that cause the sudden appearance of intense change in a man’s life.