Even Penguins Cheat Sometimes

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“It is not enough to have a good mind; the main thing is to use it well.” –
Rene Descartes


No one can deny that Michael Jackson was an innovative, talented, and creative artist who truly knew how to make his audience feel excitement when watching him perform on stage. Michael Jackson had the ability to perform dance moves that no one could imagine a human body performing. His iconic lean that he did in his “Smooth Criminal” video is just one example of how he had the ability to do things most could only imagine.

For all of the iconic moments that Michael had throughout his entire career, it seems interesting that he is most recognized for having a number one moment that isn’t as iconic as everyone thinks. The moment that seems to hold the world captive is when he first debuted as a solo artist and while singing ‘Billie Jean’ as he sported his glittery one glove, began to moonwalk across the stage. The world lost their minds when they say him glide backward across the stage, and as a result, he became known as the inventor of the moonwalk. Funny thing is that Michael even admitted that this was a dance he had adopted from street dancers in New York. It didn’t matter to the world, however. They still pegged him as the inventor of the dance and then claimed it as his most iconic moment.

It is unfortunate when ideas, dances, art, and anything else creative is only recognized as having merit when a celebrity introduces it. We don’t pay attention to starving artists and the beauty they convey in their work until it is verified by someone more popular…like a celebrity. We give celebrities so much power and credit, all while ignoring the fact that they aren’t so creative–especially when they take from other artists.

Michael Jackson will always be the King of Pop and his creative contribution to the world will never be forgotten. Check out this video and see if this is something you would call the most creative and iconic moment of his career.

Penguin Drama

When it comes to matters of the heart, you would think that the only species that can relate to this would be that of the human race. Unfortunately, animals are sometimes victims of heartaches, much like humans.

Here, we have a penguin who came home to his wife only to discover she had replaced him with another penguin. You won’t believe the fight that the two male penguins have in their battle to win the female.

It’s almost sad to watch because it taps into our ability to understand rejection, lose, and heartbreak. It doesn’t matter that it’s a penguin that is feeling the rejection or pain because it displays something that is universal among all animals: love.
We all have a heart, and as you will see from this video, it can be broken…no matter the species.

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Plus, “The Good Place” star explained how she and Ken first bonded because of Bradley Cooper’s tardiness, and how the Jonas Brothers are a recurring topic in her household.

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