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“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” – Abraham Lincoln

Experiment Gone Wrong

Thanks to ISIS, there are many people who fear Muslims and they have no problem sharing this fear through anger and violence throughout America. The government partners with the media to share images, information, and ‘facts’ about Muslims that incite fear in people–which explains why most Americans are not comfortable around Muslims at all.

In this video, two friends decided to see just how deadly the image of a Muslim would be to a crowd of college students when they decided to have one of them praying while the other served as the critic. While one of the friends prayed on a prayer rug, the other cursed him out loud and told him that he was not welcomed in America and that he should leave. Their behavior not only drew attention from others, but it also displayed something that displays a shift in the attitudes of most Americans.

Many of the people who overheard the guy verbally abusing the Muslim who prayed actually stood up for the Muslim and began to turn their anger onto the guy who displayed hate. This was important to see because it showed that although the media continues to push its agenda of instilling fear into the minds of Americans regarding Muslims, there are young people who are still thinking for themselves. This is why it is imperative that we all take a moment to analyze what we hear and see in the media. When we take everything at face value, we find ourselves stuck in a box that only has information that was fed by someone else…someone with an agenda.

Take a look at this experiment and judge for yourself. What would you do if you overheard, or saw, something like this? Would you stand up and protect the person, or would you join in on the banter to show them that they are far from welcomed?

Stolen Love

The case of boyfriends cheating on their girlfriends by having secret rendezvous’ with her best friend or sister is unfortunately nothing new. Guys sharing their body parts with the associates of their girlfriends is something that has reared its ugly head for centuries. The only problem is how the situation is to be handled when it occurs.

In this video, a cartoon was created to tell the story of one woman who lost her boyfriend to her best friend. The video is compelling and gripping, so you don’t want to avoid seeing it. Although the storyline is common, the question still remains on why someone who professes to be your best friend would allow herself to do something like this?

A best friend is someone who looks out for you, loves you, cares about you, and wouldn’t do anything to harm you. We can’t argue on behalf of a boyfriend (or girlfriend) because they are your lovers for a moment in time. A best friend, on the other hand, is supposed to be the one person you can count on. However, what happens when the one person you thought you could count on becomes the worst backstabber ever?

Steve Carell Answers Ellen’s ‘Burning Questions’

Ellen put Steve Carell in the hot seat to answer some of her “Burning Questions.” Watch to find out which co-star he was most nervous to kiss, and his most useless talent.

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