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“Unable are the loved to die, for love is immortality.” – Emily Dickinson

The Popeyes chicken sandwich is back…

Just when we all thought the craze for Popeyes’ fried chicken sandwich was over and done, they came back–and in doing so–brought all of the nuts out of their homes, once again. Over and over again we read articles about people who are threatening Popeyes employees when they run out of chicken sandwiches, and now, we have a new fool who even wrecked her car just to get her hands on one of the tasty chicken and bread combinations.

In this video, we have a woman who attempted to cut the line of the Popeyes drive-thru, just so that she could order a chicken sandwich. The entire event was filmed and the video itself has gone viral. The biggest curiosity is how she felt about the fact that once the sandwich digested, would it have been worth the massive repair bill that she would soon face to the damages made to her car? To be honest, there are some who wonder if they are putting cannabis oil in the sandwiches because there simply can’t be any other reason that people are losing their minds over a chicken sandwich.

Although there are mixed reviews over the sandwich, Popeyes has still gained massive attention and are seeing their revenue soar through the roof, thanks to the idiotic things people are doing to get their hands on this one item being sold by the food chain. If this is a ploy by Popeyes to gain attention, and thus sell more sandwiches, then it is definitely working. The only problem is that it is somehow revealing a very dark side to people. Greed, desire, immediate gratification, and selfishness are all being shown as a result of this simple meal that anyone could make at home.

The Popeyes chicken sandwich craze is enough to make us all wonder how we would act if stores ran out of water or other necessities. If we can be so angry and display such foolery over sandwiches, then how would we behave over items that were scarce but were still needed in order for us all to survive? It’s frightening to think about, and it’s sad to witness. Just when you think humanity has evolved, a food chain introduces a chicken sandwich and the world goes mad.

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