When Emotions Turn On Us

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“To say ‘I love you’ one must first be able to say the ‘I.'” –
Ayn Rand

Feelings: Handle them before they handle you

Mandy’s first contact with the world of addiction, mental health and recovery was when she came into treatment in 1990. Her passion for therapy and its potential for change ignited here, inspiring her to make therapy her life’s work.

Alongside a growing private practice, Mandy always gave time to promote early intervention through lectures on addiction, emotional coping mechanisms and self-esteem as part of the PSHE (Personal, Social & Health Education) provision within independent schools.

In 2008, with a busy private practice and many years of recovery under her belt, Mandy founded CHARTER Harley Street, an outpatient center treating addiction and trauma using her pioneering model of care. Here’s how she advises us all to handle our feelings.

Break Away From Negative Thoughts & Experience

CEO and Mindfulness Expert Kip Hollister began Hollister Staffing in 1988 because she realized that helping the right people and the right companies come together was not about transactions – it was about relationships.

Since then, as the leader of a prominent women-owned, full service recruiting firm in New England, Kip has fulfilled the promise she made when opening the company’s doors, continuing to strive to create successful relationships between great companies and the people who anchor their work.

Here, she shows how to be more focused,
fulfilled, and successful in both work and life by bringing your vision
to fruition. Using her over 30-year history in the staffing industry and her passion for mindfulness in achieving one’s full potential, Kip leads listeners on a journey to remove negative thoughts and find happiness.

Spill the Tea

Ellen played another round of her new game “Spill the Tea,” in which she had to guess which secrets matched each of the contestants. Ellen even brought back her favorite gamer, Carol, who had an entertaining story about her surprising secret.

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