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“Too much of a good thing can be taxing.” – Mae West

Twinkie Day

Tuesday was a great day for Twinkies enthusiasts. Fans of the spongy snack with a legendary expiration date can now get their fill first thing in the morning, now that Post has announced its plans to create a Twinkies cereal.

Once thought just to be a rumor, the collaboration between Hostess and Post has already created viral level internet buzz. In case you’re wondering if the new product has the same cream filling Twinkies fans have always known, you may be disappointed to hear that only “cream flavor” will be included in your upcoming balanced breakfast.

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Let It Go

Sometimes, you have to know when to let things go. Apparently Iceland’s Hjortur Smarason, a rabid McDonald’s fanboy, never got that memo. You see, when the distraught fast-food fanatic found out that McDonald’s was closing his country’s stores in 2009, he decided that a memento was needed.

Smarason, one of the few Icelanders to prefer McDonald’s over decaying shark and assorted forms of blubber, purchased his final hamburger and fries and… well, kept them. Nestled in a glass cabinet in a south Iceland hostel, the burger and fries sit to this day – looking great. Oddly enough, 10 years later, Smarason says “it barely looks a day older.”

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