Is It Time To Move On?

The Nightcap


“The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.” – Paul Valery

Should You Quit Your Job?

Should You Quit Your Job? We’ve all been there and wondered if our job was really worth it.

Here, Jordan Peterson talks about how to know when to quit your job and how to actually do what you love. This will be the most eye-opening speech you will see. It will motivate you to quit your job at the right time.

The Quarter-Life Crisis

What is a quarter-life crisis, and how do you break through it?

Adam Smiley Poswolsky is the author of The Quarter-Life Breakthrough, an Amazon bestseller. He has inspired professionals and entrepreneurs to find fulfilling work as director of community engagement for the Hive Global Leaders Program, and previously as director of The Bold Academy.

He is a mentor for the StartingBloc Institute for Social Innovation and a
facilitator for General Assembly and The Passion Co. He also previously
worked as special assistant to the Director of Global Operations at the U.S. Peace Corps.

Here, Poswolsky discusses finding meaningful work and shares the takeaways from his and other young people’s experiences confronting the quarter-life crisis head-on.

Brad Pitt & Adam Sandler

In their Actors on Actors conversation, Brad Pitt talked about going to Tarantino’s house to read the one copy of the “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” script and Adam Sandler talked about his colonoscopy scene in “Uncut Gems.”

Watch here