Some Fairy Tales Shouldn’t Come True

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“A loving heart is the truest wisdom.” – Charles Dickens

Modern Day Cinderella

Why, why, oh why did someone feel it necessary to recreate the classic Cinderella story? It was fine the way that it was, although a bit chauvinistic, at best. If you want to laugh, then you might want to take the time to check out this hilarious version of Cinderella that’s meant to update the storyline to fit our modern-day dating environment.

In this cartoon video, Cinderella finds her prince online and she hooks up with him at the local pub. Of course, she has sex with him the first night and she leaves without saying goodbye the next morning. This video will make you think about just how horrible our dating society has gotten over the years. We value our new relations with others based on their online profile, and little else. If we see someone who looks great in a picture, we simply stop swiping to the left and click. That’s it. We have a date lined up with a complete stranger that we find attractive. Scary, but true.

It’s no wonder that people are finding love to be scarce. The curse of technology probably won’t ever stop there, as a matter of fact. Soon, we will simply be matched up by AI and will date who the computer systems state we are most compatible with…oh wait…it does that now. Never mind.

Want to see how Cinderella handles dating these days? Just check out this video and prepare yourself for a laugh.

Tinder All Night Long

James Corden is a sucker for a good love story, that’s why he created Late Night Live Tinder!

Here, James surprises a staff member of his production company with an opportunity to find love. Rhe is introduced to a series of men, asking her to swipe right or left on each guy until she settles on one for a date at CBS’s nicest outdoor patio.

Joan Song – SNL

Joan (Aidy Bryant), who lives alone in a small nice home, sings about her new boyfriend, Doug (Harry Styles)… Creepy.

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