Reach For The Moon

The Nightcap


“Joy in looking and comprehending is nature’s most beautiful gift.” – Albert Einstein

Island Life

While not everyone can own an island, there is hope for those who want people to think they own an island. In 1558, a Venetian named Nicolo Zeno invented his island in the Atlantic, just south of what we know as Finland. Filled with Italian sounding cities, Zeno’s rectangular island was shockingly considered real by cartographers and geographers until the 20th century.

Oddly enough, Zeno, a Venetian, had claimed that his ancestors discovered the fictional island back in the 1380s – making the lying historian’s family the true discoverers of the New World. While Zeno has been shown by history to be a liar, you have to wonder how he knew of the giant landmass we now know of as North America.

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New Home

Forget Mars! I get that it’s close, and a lot of the place does look a bit like the South West of America. But, if things on Earth go severely down-hill, scientists are looking at a brand new option for humans to travel to if our home becomes uninhabitable. That place is… Titan, Saturn’s largest moon.

While not as proximate as Mars, Titan has something the other contenders for new human homes don’t: a dense atmosphere. Without that protection, we would be bombarded by cancer-causing Galactic Cosmic Rays.

Any settlement on Mars would have to be built underground, massively increasing cost and difficulty. I know Titan is a bit of a longer trip, but how nice will those Saturn rings look close up?

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Bernie Sanders on Weed, AOC & Cardi B

Bernie Sanders talks with DESUS & MERO about the upcoming election, conversing with Cardi B, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez support, and guesses the cost of today’s most popular sneakers.

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