Crazy Animals and Asexuals

The Nightcap


“Where there is love there is life.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Bad Dog

Animals have a way of making us feel safe, warm, and even a bit fuzzy. They make us laugh and, more importantly, they make us feel loved.

They have a bit of mystery surrounding them and they leave us all to wonder what they are like when we aren’t watching. Well, wonder no longer! We now have evidence of just how mischievous animals can be when the cameras are rolling, and no human is around.

In this video, you will laugh until you cry–especially when you see how funny mischievous animals can truly be. From pillow destroyers to window breakers, you will have a full understanding of just how far they can go.

Most people claim that their pet has “separation anxiety” and they use this to explain their pet’s bad behavior. Whether this is true or not, we can see from this video that animals have a way of losing their minds at any given point of the day. There are also animals that are seen tripping their owners on the lawn for no apparent reason. Bad little doggies.

What It Means To Be ‘Asexual’

For most, physical and sexual attraction is an important part of choosing who to date or partner up with.

Not so for asexual people, who can – if they don’t also identify as aromantic – be romantically attracted to people but don’t wish to have sex with them. Unsurprisingly, being asexual comes with its challenges: explaining yourself to friends and family, dating and finding a romantic partner, and feeling as if you fit in with your peers.

But it’s hardly a hopeless situation, because as you we hear, “You are not alone. There’s a lot of us, and we will definitely welcome you with open arms.

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Real Life Siri

Video of her impression of Siri went viral – now she’s bringing her hilarious talent to Steve Harvey.

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