Searching For Sex Threats

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“A bee is never as busy as it seems; it’s just that it can’t buzz any slower.” – Kin Hubbard

Illegal Search and Seize

Much like most of the population, I don’t like being asked questions that are of no concern or business to other people. Things like “Why are you cooking milk steak?”, “Why are you going out in public dressed like that?” or “What is that thing you’re doing with your face right now?” These are things that I hate being asked, as they are personal choices that no one else needs to know.

I particularly don’t like being asked irrelevant questions by law enforcement. If you’re a cop and your job is to pull people over because they’ve done something you know for a fact is illegal, then there is no reason you have to go poking around, acting like my toddler looking for where I hid his Halloween candy. Either ticket me for something I did wrong or move along. This isn’t some Tom Clancy movie.

This is why Oregon’s attempt to pass a bill that would prohibit officers from “snooping around” during traffic stops is a huge step in the right direction for American civilians.

Read about the Supreme Court Ruling here.

Sex Threats

Everywhere you go these days – from elementary schools to airport luggage checks-ins – seem to have an abundance of security. After all, in a world that seems to be dead set on hurting one another, you really can’t take too many precautions.

That being said, we should also probably take into consideration that a lot of electronics and personal items buzz that could barely constitute a weapon (even if you through them as hard as you could at someone’s head.) Products like, say, a vibrating sex toy.

But it was, in fact, a vibrator – not a bomb – that caused a full-panic scare at an orchestra in
Vienna, causing the entire hall to be cleared and the bomb squad to be called in.

I guess this is what they mean when referring to practicing “safe sex.”

Read all about the hilarious story, here.

Helena Bonham Carter’s Uncle Once Dated Princess Margaret

The star of Netflix’s “The Crown” gives Stephen a preview of the show’s new season, and hints that her uncle may have been romantically involved with English royalty.

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