Not A Laughing Matter

The Nightcap


If your parents never had children, chances are… neither will you. – Dick Cavett

Crisis In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is on fire and the world can’t do a thing about it! Rebellion at its finest is happening in the streets of Hong Kong and it involves the young, the old, and everyone in between. The unfortunate thing about rebellion is that although it is necessary when you have a government that forgets to play nice, it can still lead to a lot of lost lives. You really have to know what you are fighting for, and know equally that it is also worth dying for.

In this video, we get a glimpse of the Hong Kong rebellion that is occurring at this very moment. The protestors are so serious about there right to be heard that they have built brick walls in the middle of the street to protect themselves from bullets being shot by police. Don’t think that this means that the protestors are walking in peace, however. They are creating homemade bombs that they are not afraid to use on police officers. The entire scenario is one big mess.

Comedic Death

We all often think of whether the arts imitate life or if life imitates the arts. In this case, you will truly find yourself confused on whether life even compares to the value we all place on the arts and our desire to be entertained.

In this video, an old comedian stands in front of hundreds of people in his audience and tells all of his lame jokes. They laugh and clap, completely unaware of what’s about to happen next. Suddenly, the comedian falls to the floor, slumps over, closes his eyes and then dies…right on the stage in front of everyone. What does the audience do when this happens? They laugh, of course. They are completely unaware that the poor old guy died right there on the stage.

Watching this video makes you wonder how people could think that a comedian would pretend to die on stage. Are we all that hard up for entertainment that we find everything so funny all of the time? Has entertainment placed us all in a bubble where we are immune to reality? It’s unfortunate when entertainment has crossed so many lines that we can no longer identify what’s good or bad. Blurry lines tend to do things like that.

Love Yourself

Many of us are walking around with an enormous secret burden: we deeply hate ourselves. That makes us very suspicious of anyone who likes us – and prone to staying in unfortunate romantic and professional situations that offer us far less than we deserve. This video is meant to help people learn the art of becoming a better friend to ourselves.