ET Remake and Fake Eyelashes

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Seeing Double

Eyelash extensions – like most things women use to enhance their looks – can either look great or absolutely awful.

Unless you know how to do them right or employ a professional to do them right, false eyelashes pretty much look like a tarantula has made home on your eyelids. And there are plenty of YouTube videos to support the ridiculousness of this spider-esque fashion trend.

But it turns out that fake eyelashes don’t just LOOK like bugs – they make actually CONTAIN bugs. Yes, you read that right. Those delicate lashes you add to your makeup routine could contain mites or lice, which is just about the most opposite thing there is to sexy.

Here’s the scoop and how to avoid lash mites.

E.T. Come Home… Again

It’s natural to think that you and your generation grew up with the best music, the best movies, and the best games compared to any other generation before or after you.

A lot of that has to do with the nostalgic and emotional connection we make with certain aspects of entertainment.

For example, movies made in the early ’90s may not actually be cinematically the best, but if those movies helped shape and define your childhood, then it only makes sense that you would perceive them as “the best.”

So for those of you that grew up watching E.T., it was probably one of the most important movies of your youth. Which is why the news that the original cast is making a reunion movie will have Gen X kids particularly excited.

Here are the deets.

Cut for Time: Harry Styles Sketch – SNL

A group of teenage girls (Aidy Bryant, Cecily Strong, Kate McKinnon) faun over the hot English teen (Will Ferrell) who transferred to their school.

Watch here