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“When one teaches, two learn.” –
Robert Half

One Thing About Music, When It Hits You Feel No Pain

Science is one of those things that is awesome if it buttresses your already-held beliefs and habits. And it is easy to scrutinize if it doesn’t.

For example, there are countless studies that support drinking wine and coffee in moderation with an equal amount of studies that warn of the health risks. If you’re a lover of coffee and wine (like yours truly), you are probably more prone to believe the initial.

In this study conducted using 1,000 Australian participants, it was established that those who regularly attended concerts and live music were significantly happier as a whole than their non-concert-going participants.

Maybe it’s the power of music. Maybe it’s the interaction with people. Maybe it’s the copious about of drugs used.

Whatever the reason, avid concert goers sure seem to live a good life and we’ll toast to that.

The Feel Goods

Thanksgiving has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean the feel-good stories have to stop. Nor does it mean our window to be thankful has closed.

Remember the story of the grandma who accidentally texted the wrong number to a teen who didn’t have any plans for Thanksgiving?

If you don’t recall the story, it happened about four years ago when an older woman (who clearly wasn’t the best with technology) accidentally invited who she thought was her grandson over for Turkey Dinner.

When she realized it wasn’t him, she invited the kid anyway and this year, they celebrated their 4th thanksgiving together.

Read about the heartwarming story, here.

Seth’s Mom Is Quitting Cooking After 50 Years of Marriage

The Meyers family discusses a hilarious story about Larry Meyers from Seth’s stand-up special, Lobby Baby, and Hilary Meyers’ vow to quit cooking.

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