Everyone Hates The Kardashians

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“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!” – Audrey Hepburn

No Love

It has become a fashion forward style for everyone to hate the Kardashians, yet somehow that particular family continues to gain more fame and notoriety. Not only are civilians finding themselves losing interest in the Kardashian family, but now there are celebrities who are finding themselves feeling the hate, as well.

In this compilation video, we have a number of celebrities who are very open about their disdain for the famous family. When you watch the video, you will see one common theme among all the celebs who find themselves turning their noses up at the family…jealousy. Many celebrities claim that they do not like the Kardashian family because they have gained a great deal of fame without having any particular talent. The Kardashians have made a great fortune off of their looks alone and have proven themselves to be the masters of marketing.

Considering the Kardashian family is so incredibly rich, can anyone really claim that they are not smart individuals? Think about it for a moment. This is a family that found a way to get paid off of their mere existence. They simply take selfies of themselves, post them, and then get paid millions of dollars for their many followers. It’s brilliant if you think about it. With all of that said, how can you not become a fan of a family that found a way to get paid off the excitement of others? Maybe many of the celebrities are simply angry that they have to work for a living, rather than having what it takes to become rich by merely breathing air.

American Greed

Greed is an unnecessary evil that some of us just can’t seem to get around. Even if we have all that we need, somehow we will believe that it just isn’t enough. Don’t believe us? You will, especially after you watch this video.

Here, we have a guy who decided to expose greed and greedy people by pretending to be a blind guy who needs someone to confirm his winning lottery ticket. He walks up to people and tells them he’s blind so he needs them to confirm his winning ticket. Needless to say, there were many people who confirmed his ticket and then ran off with his ticket in their pocket. Wow. Stealing from a blind man. How low can you go?

Although there were a handful of people who attempted to rob the guy, there were also those who were honest about his winnings and they actually handed him his ticket. When they did this, he informed them that he was truly not blind and that they were just a part of an experiment. He then gave them each $10. For those who attempted to steal his ticket, he simply informed them that he was not blind and that they were being filmed. Ouch.

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