Being Tolerant of Others

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“A man’s kiss is his signature.” – Mae West

More Similar Than Different

It can be incredibly sickening when you have a group of people claiming that they are accepting of others, when in actuality they only mask their hatred with liberal notions of what it means to be politically correct. Many people say they accept other people despite their race or sexual orientation. This sounds incredibly nice, but unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Some people say they are accepting of others, but they are really just tolerant of them. Yes, there is a difference between tolerant and accepting, believe it or not.

When you tolerate someone, you merely deal with their differences just to get along with them. However, when you truly accept someone, you are open to who they are–despite any differences between you both. This is something that many liberals just can’t seem to grasp. They often brag about being tolerant of others, yet they can’t seem to understand that this isn’t something to brag about at all. Telling the world that you simply deal with others to get along with them isn’t a display of acceptance through love and patience. This is why the topic is something that should always be explored. Until then, take a lesson from the Monsters on what it means to truly accept someone for who and what they are.

This video is incredibly old, yet somehow the lesson is still relevant. Is it possible that we are still fighting to understand what it means to embrace others who look differently? If so, how long will it take for humans to get over their inability to celebrate one another? It’s enough to make you wonder if we will ever truly embrace the beauty that connects us all.

Advice From Lady Gaga

When you think of Lady Gaga, you probably think of a meat suit. This is normal given the fact that Gaga has built a reputation for being daring, bold, and a bit of an exhibitionist. She wants people to look at her as being different, and she doesn’t care what she has to do to get attention. This can be good or bad…depends on your perspective.

In this video, Gaga does something that is completely outside of her normal behavior. She’s accepting an award with tears in her eyes, all while telling everyone that they should fight for their dreams. She goes on to explain how many will try to talk them out of achieving their goals but that they should press onward anyway. This is a very inspirational speech and one that is strange to hear from someone who has made a career of being…well…a bit weird.

How to Deal with Brown People (The Brown Bar)

Brown people can be confusing. Don’t stress we’re here to help! Introducing The Brown Bar, featuring all-star employees Jay Shetty, Mena Massoud, Kal Penn, Hannah Simone, Russell Peters, Humble the Poet and Lilly Singh!

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