The Evolution of Christmas

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“Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.” – Plato

Changing Tunes

We are all aware of the fact that music speaks for the times in which it was created. For example, the music created in the 1930s would be significantly different from the music of today. It makes perfect sense considering the language, the culture, and the overall mentality of the people existing at that time would be different from those of today.

This being said, it should come as no surprise that the Christmas music that everyone loved in the ’20s would be drastically different from the music that celebrates the holiday now. Without a doubt, many of the Christmas songs played back in the day are still being celebrated by both young and old currently.

Songs like ‘Silent Night’ and ‘Noel’ are still a part of our Christmas experience today, however, can we say that the songs today would fly during the ’30s? Not even! Many Christmas songs today include lyrics that discuss shopping, dumping old lovers and a host of other things that most people wouldn’t even talk about publicly in the ’30s. This is the main reason why most Christmas songs prove that the era dictates the message of the music.

Can you imagine what the music celebrating Christmas might be in another 20 years? With all of the changes that are going on within our society, as well as our growing separation from Christianity, is there any wonder why the music celebrating the birth of Christ would shift over time?

In this video, you will get a wonderful view of just how Christmas music has changed over the past few decades. Take a moment to check out the transition and see for yourself just how far we as a society have come. One thing is for certain, no matter what era, the music still sounds great!

A Bad Santa

When we think of Santa Clause we think of a jolly old fat guy who owns only one red suite and who’s incredibly loving and happy. We also think of a man who has the ability to bring happiness to others. This is a great trait to have. What happens, however, when you have a mean Santa who loves to bring pain and agony to others? Well, you have this guy in the video, that’s what.

In this video, we have a guy dressed as Santa who does some of the meanest pranks to the members of his family! If he isn’t placing his mother’s favorite shoes in a bucket of water and then freezing them, he’s cutting up the clothing of his sister. This guy is a real pain in the ass. The really sad thing about this guy is that he does all of this to his family just so that he can post their reactions on his social media pages. Basically, he tortures his family for ‘likes’ and follows.

Cut for Time: Aidy Bizzo & Lizzo – SNL

Aidy Bryant gets a big boost of self-confidence from Lizzo.

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