Big Brother and Last Dances

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“Let no one who loves be unhappy, even love unreturned has its rainbow.” –
James M. Barrie

Bringing Big Brother into your home

If you are the type of person who still walks around ignoring the fact that you are being watched by the government, then you are probably the person who deserves what’s going on in this video. We have video cameras posted throughout the nation and they have the ability to capture everything you do and, in some cases, everything you say. This is great when it comes to security, however, what happens when that security provision backfires?

In this video, a family found out the hard way just how dangerous “security” cameras can be when you bring them into your home. In this case, a guy hacked into the ring security camera of one family and was not only watching their young daughter in her bedroom, but he also talked to her. He pretended to be Santa Claus and he tried to get her to smash items in her room. Luckily the young girl freaked out when she kept hearing invisible voices and screamed for her mom.

A bride’s last dance with her father

The relationship between most fathers and their daughters is one that can’t really be explained. Some daughters look upon their fathers as the only man that they will ever truly love.

Maybe this has something to do with the fact that her father is really the only man that she knows better than any other. He was there when she fell, scraped her knee, and learned to ride a bike. Her father was her best friend.

In this video, this concept is very clear when a bride leaves her wedding to go to the hospital to have her last dance with her dying dad. Her father is terminally ill with cancer, leaving her to do anything possible to ensure that he sees her as a beautiful bride. It’s enough to make any person fight back a tear or two,

North Pole News Report – SNL

A news report from the North Pole covers a horrific accident at Santa’s workshop.

Watch here