Kids Are The Worst

The Nightcap


“Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.” – Pablo Picasso

When kids talk too much

There is nothing worse than little kids who talk so much that they embarrass their poor parents without even being aware. They repeat things they shouldn’t, they tell things that should remain private, and they have no problem explaining the how’s and why’s of their parent’s business to anyone who will listen.

In this video, we have a perfect example of a young child that tells way more than she should. The funny thing is that she says things as if she is a little gossip who knows exactly what she’s doing. When you watch this video, you will not only feel incredibly sorry for her mom, but you will also laugh uncontrollably while you are doing so.

This video has the ability to make you wonder exactly why a child talks so damn much when they speak to total strangers. This is why any parent should try their best to keep as much information from their children as possible. Otherwise, the world will be in on every little secret the parent has in their lives.

Dumb Kids

You might not know this, but there are a number of mothers out there who brag about their idiot kids. They post images of their kids doing absolutely dumb crap and then they talk about how stupid their kids are. This is enough to make you wonder about the motives of a woman who would brag about the fact that she raised a stupid kid. Is she truly that hard up for attention?

In this video, you have a woman who took footage of her child struggling to take out the trash. The child can be seen fighting with the trashcan, and unfortunately, he’s losing the battle. During the video, you can hear the mother talk about how dumb her kid is and how she can’t believe that he’s struggling to do something so simple.

What she fails to do, however, is realize that anything her kid does is merely a reflection of her. As she shares this video and her commentary with the world on Facebook, she completely ignores that others aren’t going to be so harsh on a child…they would, however, share how dumb she is for sharing something like that.

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