Monkeys and Women Who Can’t Cope

The Nightcap


“The less you talk, the more you’re listened to.” – Pauline Phillips

Women Who Can’t Handle The Truth

If a woman asks you if she looks fat in her jeans, would you tell her that she does if you know it’s the truth or would you lie? Most people would lie just to avoid the drama and emotional scene that will soon follow. This isn’t just a truth that exists regarding body weight and fashion, and this video will prove that.

Here, we have a couple having lunch when the woman asks the guy if he likes her soup. The guy is, of course, hesitant to tell her the truth so he does what most guys might do in this situation…he lies. He tells her that it’s good, then–when she keeps pressing him to be honest–he tells her the soup is ‘okay’ and that he still likes it.

This wasn’t enough for this woman. She wanted him to be honest and so she pressed him to tell her how he really felt about the soup. She even tells him that she can handle his honesty and that she can use his criticism to improve her cooking. Trap! The guy should have known that he was being set up at that very moment.

Monkeys Reacting To Magic

It is the belief by some that monkeys are more like humans than any other animal. They have common reactions to pain, sorrow, and even joy that most humans have–and this has led to many people allowing monkeys into their home and keeping them as pets.

In this video, we have monkeys that were behind glass walls at the zoo who were privy to different guys performing simple magic tricks. The reaction of the monkeys is totally priceless!

The moment a trick was completed, different monkeys would react in shock and surprise! To be honest, the very last trick on the video was enough to make anything and anyone scream from shock. The trick was indeed THAT good.

Liquid Courage

As a self-proclaimed, highly-functional alcoholic, I’m always looking for ways to validate imbibing on a drink or 7.

Look, I’m perfectly aware alcohol is horrible for my body, but I drink plenty of water and workout every day and eat my veggies, so in my pea brain, I feel like enjoying a glass of wine at night balances out the scales.

So, of course, I was thrilled to come across this article that insinuates drinking whiskey every night could actually have some positive side effects (other than courage and giving you a false sense of security).

Now, if only I liked whiskey…