Hair Issues and Domestic Violence

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Dwight L. Moody

Hair On The Brain

When it comes to hair, be it on a woman’s head or a guy, something happens to completely shut down the way a guy reasons with himself. For some unexplainable reason, some men change the way they feel about others and themselves based on the amount of hair involved. If a guy sees another guy, the first thing he looks at is the amount of hair the guy has. If the guy is bald, then somehow he is labeled substandard. This judgment is also something that some guys place on themselves. If they are bald, they typically lack confidence and they feel incredibly unattractive.

Where did this rationale about hair come from? Can we blame the media for this problem? It is clear that the media places a standard on women and, as a result, gives society an unfair and unrealistic notion of what ‘beauty’ is for women.

Check out this video — where a guy explains in perfect detail just how serious a head full of hair or lack thereof can be for a man today. After you watch the video, tell us what you think? Is having or not having a head full of hair really that serious for a guy?

Experiment on Domestic Violence

What would you do if you were walking down the street and you saw a couple having an argument that ended with the guy breaking a bottle on his girlfriend’s head? That’s the question that these two people decided to have answered when they took an experiment to the street to see how other people would react in such a situation.

In this video, you have a crazy experiment unfolding on the city streets that proves where people stand on the issue of domestic violence. The guy and girl argue, but it gets more heated and takes the fight up a notch when the guy hits the woman on the head with a bottle. The entire scene is set up, so of course the bottle is a theatrical breakaway glass…but the public doesn’t know that. When the guy hits the woman with the bottle, you see men reacting differently.

There are some men who simply say nothing because they feel it has nothing to do with them. On the other hand, you have some guys who were willing to fight the guy for hitting the woman with a bottle. In this experiment, there were also the guys who came forth threatening to call the police. One guy called the police even though he was told that it was all just an experiment. Another guy almost had a heart attack just approaching the couple after witnessing the scene.

Follow The Light

For years, people have always joked that they could never have a child or pet because they can’t even keep a house plant alive.

And while usually that comment is hyperbole, it actually makes sense and should technically be flipped. If you can’t keep a kid or dog alive, there’s no way you’ll be able to keep a plant alive.

Why? Because living things with voices and motor skills are really good at making it known when they are hungry. If a baby hasn’t eaten, he or she will throw a tantrum that is impossible to ignore. However, a plant can’t throw a hissy fit because it hasn’t been watered, making it very likely to go unnoticed.

Which is why this new device for shrubs and flowers – which moves and throws tantrums is a great way to remind homeowners to water their damn hibiscus. Plus, it’s cool looking.