Robots Ruin Everything…

The Nightcap


“We do not see nature with our eyes, but with our understandings and our hearts.” – William Hazlitt

Robots Are Taking Our Jobs

Whether we like it or not, artificial intelligence is here, and it is going to ruin our ability to make a decent living. Most would argue that robots are a wonderful addition to our society because they make our lives easier, convenient, and they expedite things that normally take forever to complete. This is true, but not without a few consequences.

Currently, robots are delivering your packages, making your drinks at the bar–and now, they are building your houses. In this video you will see a robot placing drywall in a house. This is critical because it shows how man has created a machine that has the ability to hang drywall much faster than a human, but it also reveals that we have taken away yet another job from a human being.

Our greatest competition is no longer one another as humans. Instead, our greatest competition is against the very machines that we created to make our lives more convenient. We now have to sit on the sidelines as machines take over the jobs of bank tellers, gas station attendants, and so on. This is the end result of our desire to create a society that is faster, stronger, and better. It seems that we somehow forgot ourselves or one another in the process of creating a world that would be easier for us all.

Don’t Be Ungrateful

There are some people in the world who seemingly have it all, yet they are the most ungrateful people ever. They have a car, but they complain that the car is the wrong color or the wrong model. They wish for something better.

These same people have a house, but they wish for a bigger house in a better location. They have clothing, but they wish for expensive designer clothes. The list goes on and on with all of the things these people fail to see as blessings. The funny part about all of this is that these are the same people who can’t understand why they lose the very things that they have.

When you are ungrateful, you lose the things that you have. It’s all about natural energy and how what you think about positively will continue to grow and multiply, while all of the things you think about negatively will stand the chance of being depleted in some form. Most people can’t understand that gratitude is a form of appreciation. If you can’t show your appreciation to the things or to the people that you have in your life, then how can you expect to see more of what you want?

In this video, we have a comedic lesson that hits the message home on what happens to those who are ungrateful.

Starting Up a Start Up

When you start up your own business, there are two things you can pretty much bank on. 1) The first 6 months to a year will feel like a total shit-show and 2) Everyone will have an opinion about how you are running that shit-show.

It’s always good to have a mentor or someone you can look to for guidance when you are trying to navigate the “startup biz” life. But, at the end of the day, most of the advice you’ll get is just noise and you have to be smart enough to figure out what advice is applicable and what isn’t.

Thankfully, Stanford came out with this great article that provides realistic and applicable information if you are living the startup life.