Math and Bieber Gets Roasted

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“Love means to commit yourself without guarantee.” – Anne Campbell

Magic That Takes The Edge Off

There aren’t many people out there who can honestly say that they love math. We might even be willing to bet that there aren’t many who would admit that the funniest class they held while in high school was their math class. That is…unless you had this guy as your teacher.

Here is a must-see video of a math instructor who had the wherewithal to use magic and comedy during his math lecture. The students didn’t expect the show, which is what makes the video that much more special. It’s a beautiful thing when instructors find creative ways to keep their students engaged, involved, and interested in the subject matter. For this, we commend this particular instructor.

Justin Bieber Gets Roasted

Whether you are a Justin Bieber fan or not, you will love this video that displays the level of rude, raunchy, and all-out mean behavior that celebrities can exhibit when they are roasting one another.

Here, it’s Justin Bieber’s turn to be laughed at by top-notch celebrities who made it their mission to say anything they wanted on this particular night. The funny thing about this particular roast, however, is that they not only slammed the Bieber, but they also made fun of one another. You truly have to have thick skin to not be offended by this group.

Justin Bieber is a young man that found success very early in his life. He was discovered by Usher on YouTube and he has earned the right to be considered a pop icon. He’s in his early 20’s yet he’s worth millions of dollars, thanks to his record sales. He remains in the news for his consistent bad behavior and he is not always nice in his antics. He’s a public figure that isn’t so nice to the public and the team around him blames immaturity. Must be nice to allow bad behavior to be written off so easily. Maybe this is why the roast is so funny. Knowing this guy is a “bad boy” only makes the jokes that much nicer.

A Trip To The White House

I always attested to the fact that you would have to be out of your damn mind to want to be President.

Sure, it might start off as you wanting to help others. But eventually, you would turn into an insane, greedy sadist that wants full control and power over Gotham.

Oh, wait. Sorry. I was thinking of the Joker.

But it’s pretty much the same thing minus the creepy smile. And accordingly to this special soul that decided to go on a metaphorical holiday “trip”, being the President is…well… just as insane as one might imagine.

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