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Lil Wayne Deposition

Watching rap artists in court or giving depositions is nothing new these days. Many rap artists have made their living by creating a persona that represented criminal behavior or activity. With this said, we have one artist who actually gave a deposition so bad that it outdid the disrespectful image that he created during the course of his career.

The artist known as Lil Wayne gave a deposition where he had to answer a certain amount of questions that were asked by an attorney. The deposition started off just as terribly as it ended. We see Lil Wayne not only cursing out the attorney and calling him names, but we also witness him completely disrespecting the entire judicial process.

It’s one thing to create a bad boy image in an effort to build a brand for yourself, but it’s another thing when that image crosses over into the real world.

Take a look at this video and see just how off balance things in the world seem to be. If any other person gave a deposition in front of a judge in this manner they would surely feel the judges wrath. Maybe all we need is a bit of screen time in order for us to evade respecting the law, the judicial process, and each other.

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Pope Francis Loses His Cool

When we think of Pope Francis, we tend to think of a man that is patient, kind, and compassionate. We think of a man that has the love in his heart that would match that of Jesus, right? Well, not in this video. Here, we have a very human Pope Francis who just wasn’t having it when a desperate woman in need dared to pull his hand while he was waving at the people. It’s a bit shocking to see because you just wouldn’t expect this type of behavior from a Pope.

Many would say that Pope Francis should get some slack because he’s still a human being with human feelings. This may be true, but what would you say to a preacher who turned his back on someone who needed his guidance?

In such situations, one would expect a great deal more patience and understanding. People who are called to alter for a career should know that they are chosen for their profession because they are meant to be servants for the people and the messenger for God. It’s a pity when we see things that reveal a servant of God acting in any manner that falls outside of what is expected of them when working within a society of people who are desperately in need of guidance.

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Dua Lipa Looks Back

Dua Lipa recounts an embarrassing moment she had with Jimmy after making her US TV debut on The Tonight Show and explains how living in Kosovo led to her obsession with hip-hop.

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