Learning To Be More Tolerant

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“Love is like the measles; we all have to go through it.” – Jerome K. Jerome

The BEST video on how to stop bullying

There are many videos, speeches, and presentations on the topic of bullying. The only problem is that none of them seem to work as efficiently as they should.

Many young people listen to these presentations and walk away only to do the same thing they did prior to hearing the speech. Well, that just might have come to an end.

In this video, you will see proof that not all presentations are alike…especially when it comes to an issue as critical as bullying.

In this video, we have a guy who is presenting this topic to a group of high school students. He asks one of the students to come onto the stage, and when she does, he gives them all the best examples of how to handle bullying!

What Is Gender

Welcome to the year 2020 where the sex of a person is no longer relevant, and it has no defining meaning. It’s almost a sin to call a girl a girl (even if she is one) or to call a boy a boy. It’s all meshed into one and it would be highly politically incorrect to dare to place someone in a gender-specific box these days.

The issue of gender specification is one that must be tread upon incredibly lightly. Many people feel it is pretty much offensive to assume the sex of any given person.

If this isn’t enough, there are actually parents out there who are allowing their children to decide what sex they feel they most identify with at an early age. This can all be incredibly confusing to anyone who simply wants to know what type of gift they should buy someone for a special occasion.

This topic is dealt with in this video where one young man interviews a group of individuals on the issue of a person’s gender. The conversations get pretty heated because folks just aren’t too happy with someone asking the question of whether a person is either a female or a male. As a matter of fact, one guy suggests that there are hundreds of different categories that a person can identify with when attempting to label where they fit on the sexual identification chart. Sorry, but that’s scary.

After hearing the conversation, tell us where you stand.

College Leftists Lack Tolerance Too

Ah, yes! The lovely liberals and their tolerance toward their fellow man. They stand on soapboxes and preach to everyone about the importance of accepting others for who and what they are. Sounds great, but what happens when those very same liberals can’t take the heat when it comes to their front door?

In this video, we have a young man who visits a college campus while a few liberal students protest against White Supremacy. The cause that the liberals are fighting for is a great one, so that isn’t the problem…as you will soon see.

Take a moment to look and see if you can find the missing link. How can one fight for tolerance from others when they have no idea of what it truly means to be tolerant? Are we missing something here or are we on the mark? You tell us.