Steve Jobs Warned Us

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“Sooner or later I’m going to die, but I’m not going to retire.” – Margaret Mead

Tech Is Changing The World

Back in the 80’s Steve Jobs was only beginning his quest to expose the world to computers. He estimated that one day every home would have a computer…at which time they called him crazy. Needless to say, his estimation was on point. One other thing that he guessed was that people would run the risk of losing themselves in computers. Although he was right once again, they only laughed at him.

The biggest problem that Jobs felt we would have was that of over-dependency on computers. The danger of being too dependent on computers is the idea that we could forget why computers were created in the first place. Computers were created to free up our time on mediocre tasks so that we could instead focus our attention on creativity.

Unfortunately, we have given up our creativity and have allowed computers to tell us what we should think and the trends we should follow. This is deadly because it slowly sucks away our own understanding of our mental powers. We give up our thoughts, beliefs, and even our understanding of the world around us–and instead allow the computer to guide us on the issues that are most relevant in our lives.

Jobs was a visionary who believed that the use of computers would revolutionize the world and everyone in it. He was correct. The world is a much faster pace, thanks to the computer. The biggest problem, however, is that we have gotten so comfortable with our machines that we simply forget to use our own brain. We ask Alexa for everything that we could probably figure out on our own if we would only try.

In this video, we see Jobs speaking on this topic in an interview that also included a man who was completely against the idea of computers. This video is funny to watch because the ideas and conversations can seem a bit antiquated at first. However, as the interview goes on, you will see just how frightening the revelation that Jobs has can truly be.

It’s the Close Calls That Kill Us

Close calls in life are some of the scariest moments ever! Those are the moments where a train runs off the rails and misses hitting you by only an inch.

Those experiences in life that make you realize just how lucky you are to be alive are the ones that we have compiled for you right here!

In this video, you will see a compilation of videos that show different people missing death by only an inch of a second!

The things people catch on their cell phones can truly blow your mind because they just happen to have the camera rolling when something happens that could have ended it all for them.

Hollywood Horror Stories and Retro Hairstyles

Guest hosts Eugene and Dan Levy were joined by their “Schitt’s Creek” co-stars Catherine O’Hara and Annie Murphy for their first TV interview as a cast. The on-screen family chatted about their hit show, Catherine called out Eugene’s old hairstyles, and Annie recalled her move to Los Angeles, where she found a roommate who was an aspiring actress/writer/director and was serious about her craft.

Watch it all here