You’ll Get What You Deserve

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“If you find it in your heart to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded.” – Maya Angelou

Gold Digging Ain’t Easy

You might not know this but there are actually women in the world who only have one goal: to find a rich man and marry him. This is nothing new, but it is something that warrants a conversation.

Although not all women want to simply live their lives being taken care of by some rich man, there are those who would kill for the opportunity to live a life of ease and luxury. With this being said, you might want to know just how to figure out if a woman is loving you for you, or if she is loving you for your wallet. That’s why we love this video so much, to be honest.

In this video, a guy hid a camera to film the reaction of a woman he was scheduled to meet for a first date. He met the woman on an online dating site, and she was under the impression that he had a bit of money.

When he arrived at the restaurant, he arrived on a scooter and he was dressed like a typical grungy teenager. True, she could have turned him down for the mere fact that he showed up looking like a bum, but still. When the woman saw him, needless to say, she was mortified.

The Beauty of Immediate Karma

We all know that there are some serious jerks out there! People who have anger issues and who refuse to do anything about it. Instead, they simply come out of their homes and mingle in society while throwing their evil anger at innocent people.

When we see people out there like this, we can’t help but wish that they someday feel the same energy that they so successfully give out. Maybe that’s why we love this video so much! It is a compilation of every instance where someone received immediate karma for their ugly deeds.

Can you imagine a world where people didn’t have to face the consequences of their actions? If people were able to do anything they wanted without dealing with the repercussions of their actions, then we might just live in a society of greed, selfishness, and victimization. Let’s face it…the cops can’t be everywhere, right? This is why we need to rely on a Universal Law that serves to convict those who break certain energy laws in the world. Give out bad energy, then you receive bad energy. Give out good energy, and you will receive good energy. That’s how it works. So sit back and enjoy these compilation videos of good versus evil!

Eugene and Dan Levy Give Life Advice to Fans

Father/son duo Eugene and Dan Levy took over as guest hosts, and before they arrived, Ellen asked her Twitter followers if they needed any life advice. Find out what the “Schitt’s Creek” stars had to say about jobs, picking up a new musical hobby, and watch their heated debate about dog fashion.

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