Not Afraid Of A Little Hard Work

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“Age does not protect you from love. But love, to some extent, protects you from age.” – Jeanne Moreau

9-Month-Old Baby Washes Dishes Lik A Pro

Well, this is one way to control a fussy baby! A grandmother was apparently left with her fussy grandchild, and rather than feed him a bottle to calm him down, she found a more practical way to ease his nerves…and hers.

In this video, a grandmother lays her 9-month-old grandson across the counter and lets him go for it when washing the dishes. The amazing thing about this is that the baby does a great job! The grandmother talks on the phone while she stands beside the baby to ensure he doesn’t fall from the counter. The video went viral because the baby not only washes the dishes like a pro, but he also seemingly loves doing them!

Working Women of the 1960s

When you think about the independence of working women today and you compare them to the women who held jobs in the 60’s, you will see that there is an amazingly huge difference in the two.

The women of today are not afraid to take life on, full steam ahead, and they don’t expect a man to help them do it. In contrast, the working women of the ’60s were only concerned about how their jobs would make their husbands feel. As a matter of fact, many of the women-only worked because their husbands “allowed” them to.

In this video, a group of working women were interviewed in 1962. They were asked how their husbands felt about their working a part-time job and if the work interfered with their duties at home. It’s amazing to watch because the women act as if the world revolved around their husbands. They claimed that they only worked to make a bit more money for the family, but they also admitted that they still had work to do when they got home.

Unlike their husbands, work didn’t end at 5 pm. These women would have to go home, cook dinner, wash clothes, take care of the kids, and then ensure that their husbands were happy. All the husbands had to do was come home, eat dinner, and simply relax. This only goes to prove that women have the ability to withstand any situation and still rise to the top.

Dinner Party

Mark Wahlberg talked with Ellen about his family’s dog, and how the Pomeranian’s scheduled arrival accidentally made Mark’s wife believe Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West were coming over for dinner. The actor also chatted about his daughter’s expensive hobby.

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