When Things Don’t Go As Planned

The Nightcap


“It’s better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life.” –
Elizabeth Kenny

Feeling A Little Cocky

It’s never a good idea to be too cocky in life. True, there is often a thin line between confidence and cocky, but for the most part, being cocky is always considered to be the most hated. People who are cocky prove to the world that they fail to have what it takes to be humble, and for this, we just can’t find it in our hearts to forgive them.

In this video, you will see a perfect example of what happens when you are too cocky. Here, we have a boxer that displays his over-confidence in both himself and in his ability to outshine his opponent. The guy he’s going to fight remains calm and subdued while this guy continues to talk trash and dance around him on a consistent basis. Then, on the night of the big fight, the guy who displayed all the cocky confidence gets his ass completely whupped!

Imagine the humiliation he must have felt when he fell flat onto the tarp, only to have himself escorted out of the arena on a stretcher. When you see this video, you will find it very hard to have any compassion for him, especially when you see just how much of an idiot he proved himself to be prior to the big fight.

Pranking Strangers

Pranking strangers is something that seems to be a major trend, lately. Instagram consistently shares videos of people wearing masks and approaching strangers just to see how much they can frighten them. This can be funny when you see just how far a person will go to get a rise out of people. However, there is also a dark side to pranking that most pranksters fail to see.

In this compilation video, you will see what happens when pranksters approach the wrong people on the street for a laugh. In one video, a guy dressed as a scary clown approaches a guy who then pulls a gun on him. Another prankster gets beaten up by a guy that he attempted to frighten. The game of pranking strangers is a dangerous one that can get a person seriously hurt or killed.

What makes a person find joy in frightening total strangers? Is it the ability to have power over someone else’s fears that gets pranksters so excited? Or, is it that some people can’t help but find humor in seeing others run for their lives? Either way, there is something sick about a prankster who finds entertainment in scaring other people that they have never met. How do they even know if the strangers they encounter have heart conditions or not? The sad fact is that most pranksters simply do not care about the physical condition of the people they frighten…they only want to record reactions so that they can post their videos onto their social media sites. Yes, folks. It all boils down to how many ‘likes’ they can get.

Take a moment to check out this compilation video and tell us if we are being too over the top about this issue. Do you think that pranksters have the right to prank people they don’t know? If so, how do you feel about the idea that they are risking their lives just for a few good laughs and a few ‘likes’ on social media?

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