A Women’s Revenge on False Accusations

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“A kiss that is never tasted, is forever and ever wasted.” – Billie Holiday

Pay Back

It’s truly unfortunate that people of specific races have to record their interactions with others just to prove that they are being mistreated in some way. The reason it’s most unfortunate is not because of the person who’s being accused, but rather, due to the fact that we still have ignorant people in the world who do the accusing.

In this video, you will see a situation where a Black woman was not only accused of stealing from a store by the store employee, but she was also falsely detained by the employee. As it turned out, the Black woman did not steal anything, and she was able to press charges against the store employee who grabbed her and refused to let go. The store employee learned the hard way that you’d better make damn sure that a person stole something before you accuse them.

In society today, many people use their phones to record their interactions with the police, store employees, and with one another as a means in which to provide proof of wrongdoing. If society, and the people in it, would only treat others the way they hope to be treated, we would never have a need to grab our phones to use them against one another. Unfortunately, we don’t live in such a society. Instead, we live in a world where people accuse others of wrongdoing simply because of what they look like. Yes, people will judge you and consider you to be a bad person based on mere looks and the color of your skin.

It all sounds so prehistoric if you think about it. To live in an era where technology has become king, yet the people are still caught in a caveman mentality. Hopefully, we can all learn what it means to be colorblind so that we can instead focus our attention on being better people.

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