Kiss Cam Moments Gone Terribly Wrong

The Nightcap


“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” – Dalai Lama

No One Likes Rejection

There’s nothing more embarrassing than being rejected…well…unless you are being rejected publicly in front of millions of people, that is.

A Kiss Cam is a large screen inside of a stadium that shows couples in the audience while displaying a huge heart around them onscreen. When you see yourself on the screen, you are supposed to kiss the person next to you. Couples kiss one another while being displayed on the screen while the audience goes mad with cheers. This sounds easy enough, but unfortunately, the process doesn’t always go as planned.

In this compilation video, you will see a multitude of couples that just couldn’t seem to get it right. You have couples where the guy refuses to kiss his girlfriend, so she instead passionately kisses a stranger. You even have women who throw beer on their husbands when they refuse to kiss them at that time. It’s madness! Somehow the Kiss Cam has people possessed into believing that public rejection is the worst thing that could ever happen in life.

It’s never a good feeling to be rejected by someone, and we won’t pretend that it is. The only issue is how we receive rejection–be it publicly or not. Do we feel that being rejected by someone is a personal reflection of ourselves? The idea that someone turns us down somehow translates into us being not good enough. At least that’s how we feel about ourselves the moment someone rejects us. To be rejected in front of others seems a bit worse because it taps into our ego and turns the entire situation into something much bigger.

Letting go of our ego, all while understanding that rejection is not to be internalized, will truly help us all to handle rejection much better. Whether we are rejected by a person of interest, a job, or any other thing that we attempt to receive, the best thing to remember is that who we are has nothing to do with the perception that others might have of us. It’s time to stop associating our love for ourselves with the concept or image that others have about us. It’s truly the only way to proceed in a world that is seemingly filled with rejection.

Love, Peace & Happiness

Afnan Rosli, founder of Afnan Galleria Official, has touched the life of thousands of people through his online and offline seminars — by teaching people to live in love, peace and happiness. One of Afnan’s many community outreach efforts is that he initiated movements and a sustainable agricultural project of providing food for more than 30,000 refugees every single day.

He states that material possessions, money, and fame, might bring temporary happiness and inner peace, but true happiness and inner peace come from within you.

He says to spend time doing the deep soul work to determine your values, your dream life vision, and your higher purpose – and then use these to guide you in your daily life.

In this talk, Afnan Rosli explains how to see all the beauty, blessings, kindness, love, peace and happiness surrounding us at every moment.

Second Chance Theatre

Andy Samberg, John Mulaney and Kenan Thompson perform an SNL sketch that never aired called Griff Banks the Sensitive Bully.

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