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“There are years that ask questions and years that answer.” – Zora Neale Hurston

Uplifting Their Own

Billionaire celebrities such as Jay Z, Beyoncé, Tyler Perry, Oprah, Sean Combs, and many more who could collectively purchase a country if they wanted. They all have an individual net worth that boggles the mind, yet they seemingly fail to use their money in a way that promotes other minorities into positions of power within the entertainment industry.

This topic leads to a major debate on whether minority celebrities should use their money to advance their race, or if they should have the right to simply enjoy the fruits of their labor without any responsibility to others. It’s a topic so hot that many celebrities lose their cool on people who even ask the question about how they use their money. Once, Spike Lee was seen going off on a reporter who dared ask how he was going to use the proceeds from one of his films. Lee went off on the guy and demanded to know if he would have asked Robert Dinero the same question.

In this video, you will see Sean Combs make a speech with his associates about how rich they are and giving a toast to themselves. You will then see Combs in a later video discussing how the Grammy’s is a racist institution that fails to celebrate Black music. What’s interesting about this is that many billionaire minorities are fully aware of what is needed to uplift their race, but for some reason, they simply won’t go that extra mile.

Can the hesitancy to purchase more studios, hire more Black actors, or to use their money to lobby for certain laws that will advance minorities be because of personal lack of interest or something else? Is it that they are rich, but limited on what they can actually do with their money? Is there something or someone who serves as the gatekeeper on how far rich minorities can go with their spending?

Are there political police that limits how dollars are used when they come from Black billionaire celebrities? Or maybe billionaire minority celebrities are just not interested in taking on the task of uplifting an entire race? Either way, one thing is for certain…Black people have a long way to go in the entertainment industry. The fact that there are a handful of rich minority celebrities should serve as no consolation.

Inspiring Mom Wins Big

Ellen surprised Sophie Santana, who thought she was randomly chosen to play the hardest game in daytime TV, “Holey Roller.”

She had no idea that her best friend Jalincia wrote to Ellen to tell Sophie’s story, and not only was Jalincia there to cheer Sophie on, so was Sophie’s daughter Liani!

Watch here as Sophie beats the odds by rolling her way to $25,000, thanks to Shutterfly!

NFL 2020 — A Bad Lip Reading

Here’s a new spoof video to celebrate 100 years of The NFL!