Ocasio-Cortez goes NUTS on Waitresses in NYC

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“I’ve been on so many blind dates, I should get a free dog.” – Wendy Liebman

Blaming The Victim?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has lost her mind…or she’s trying to make us lose ours! On a visit to a local New York restaurant, Cortez decided to wait until the cameras were all on her when she decided to explain to the waitresses why they were allowing themselves to be sexually harassed. You heard it! She attempted to explain to them that their desire to have certain shifts in order to make more money made them open to sexually abusive treatment.

Cortez has a great running streak of saying some of the craziest stuff. Like the time she attempted to compare local communities to that of growing cabbage. What about the time she had photos taken of her crying at the border to show her pain of how the migrants were being treated? As it turns out, she wasn’t at the border at all. Instead, she was standing in front of a parking lot! Oh, the shame! She will do anything to get people to believe that she’s so connected with the community. She wants everyone to see her crying for the people, talking to the people, and speaking on behalf of the people. The only problem is that she has no clue what’s going on with the people. If she did, she wouldn’t have to fake it so often.

In this video, you will hear Cortez explain to a group of confused waitresses why they are being harassed. In her attempt to explain her point of view, she successfully confuses everyone–including herself. It’s a sight to see. The biggest problem here is that no one seems to mention her fumbled attempt to relate to the waitresses. It’s as if everyone is just happy to have her around, so much so, that they turn a blind eye to most of the things she both does and says. Must be nice. Do you agree with Cortez’s logic here?

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After a plant-based diet changed his life, Pat shifted his focus to building and supporting businesses in the plant-based space. He is now an outspoken advocate of the health and environmental benefits of plant-based living.

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