Girl Code 101

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“One-fifth of the people are against everything all the time.” – Robert Kennedy

Thinking Like A Woman

Do you believe there is a girl code that is the basic model for understanding how girls think, how they feel, how they act, and what they want? If so, then you are truly a part of the underlying problem buried deep in the minds of most people today.

In this video, you will see one of the best poems of your life! A young woman stands at the mic and shares her version of a ‘girl code’ that will truly open your eyes and make you see things from the perspective of a woman. There is no other poem, letter, book, essay, or any other form of communication that has ever done a better job.

When it comes to understanding females, the one thing most people should avoid is making assumptions. When we assume certain things about a person based on their gender, race, or any other factor, we diminish the true essence of the individual. There is no way that one person can be categorized within an entire group without losing their own sense of identity.

Additionally, when we group people based on our own prejudices, we take away their ability to share the one quality that they are destined to reveal. It’s most unfortunate that we are so busy attempting to understand others through basic modes of understanding that we fail to get to know people on a personal level. Rather than taking the time to talk with someone and getting to know them as an individual, we instead try to study them based on our general understanding of external factors that surround them.

The moment we let go of what we think a person should be will become the moment we truly open our eyes to who they really are. There is no way that we can group people together based on sex or race and not cheat ourselves–or someone else–in the process.

Barber Gives Homeless Man A Makeover

When was the last time you did something nice for a homeless person? Was it when you gave one guy a dollar? Or was it when you gave another person a meal? No matter what the deed, it’s always kind to extend a helping hand to someone in need. At least this is the thought of one guy who decided to take his skills to a new level by extending them to a homeless man.

In this video, we have a barber who decided to share his talent and skills with a man who really needed them. He found a homeless man in need of some serious cleanup, and then he did what he knew best…he gave him a makeover.

Most people watching this video might say that giving a homeless person a makeover just isn’t enough. They might argue that the person will look better but will still be homeless and hungry. More than likely, the people who will do the most complaining here are the very people who do the least for homeless people. At the end of the day, providing a makeover for someone in need is truly a great step in helping that person feel better about themselves, improve their mental attitude, and clean up their image. All these factors contribute to assisting a person with the strength and fortitude to lift themselves out of any situation. It is truly a start, and everyone deserves the right to feel good about themselves.

Take a moment to check out this video and tell us if you think this was an act of kindness or simply a wasted act. We’d love to hear from you.

Film Screening – SNL

Cecelia Prince (Sasheer Zamata) moderates a women in film panel featuring Leslie Jones, Emma Stone, Debette Goldry (Kate McKinnon) and Jennifer Aniston.

Watch here