Twitter Attacks and Corona Hysteria

The Nightcap


“A so-called happy marriage corresponds to love as a correct poem to an improvised song.” – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

A Stolen Idenity

When we post our personal photos online, we typically fail to think about how those photos might be used by others. We assume that our pictures are safe from the evil hands of people who might use them in ways we could never imagine. Well, in this video, one guy shares what happened to him when he trusted his photo being shared on Twitter. Let’s just say, you will laugh like crazy at his expense!

No one seems to understand the problem with sharing personal information online. Social media, although fun, is not the place to throw everything there is to share about your personal life. We assume that everyone watching our videos, looking at our photos, or identifying our location, is someone to trust. This couldn’t be furthest from the truth, unfortunately. When we give our photos away online, we secretly accept any consequences that might come along with such a decision.

In this video, a guy shared his photo and learned that his picture could be used in a number of ways for the pure entertainment of others. He is completely livid at the thought that his image could be used in such a way, but it makes for a great laugh.

Coronavirus masks for dogs

The coronavirus has gotten everyone up in a tizzy as they run for cover in fear that they are the next victims of this deadly disease. The only problem is that many people are running scared without truly understanding what they are running from. To make matters worse, there are actually some folks out there who are determined to ensure that their pets stay safe from the virus. Who knew that dogs could catch the flu?

In this video, you will see the new masks that are out for dogs to be used in an effort to protect them from the coronavirus. People are buying these masks up in the millions and they just can’t seem to keep them on the shelves. It’s funny because there aren’t even enough masks for people, let alone masks for dogs. Talk about people taking things to the next level. This virus has become a moneymaker for any company that specializes in facial masks. Sad thing is that many reports are stating that common masks just aren’t enough to protect people from catching the disease. We can only wonder if the doggie masks are better. If so, we want one!

Debbie Downer Wedding Reception – SNL

Debbie Downer (Rachel Dratch) attends a wedding in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak.

Watch here