Good Billionaires and Bad Music

The Nightcap


“Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within.” – James Baldwin

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Mark Cuban is a self-made billionaire that is best known as the owner of the Cavaliers basketball team as well as one of the panel members on Shark Tank.

To see him in action (no matter what he is doing) is to watch how a true entrepreneur should behave and manage a business. He’s straight forward (but not cutthroat), he’s critical (but not demeaning), he’s funny (but not at the expense of others), and he just comes across as an all-around GOOD person.

And if you wanted more evidence of why he’s one of the better “1%ers” — read this article to find out what he recently did in wake of the coronavirus sports ban.

Making Noise

Let’s face it – with every great band out there, there are at least 10 really bad ones. And so I don’t just mean they are bad in that way that everyone has a different opinion or taste of music.

I mean REALLY bad – as in they can’t sing or play a note in any copacetic and talent-driven manner.

Like, I don’t LIKE The Rolling Stones (which I get is blasphemous in most circles), but I would never say they were a crappy band. Quite the opposite, I think they are very talented. I just could never get into their music.

But this one particular band gets a lot of shit, and to be honest, it is well-deserved. Learn which band it is here

Scaredy Cats

Many of us are prone to feelings of intense anxiety – and at the same time, experience immense shame for doing so. Yet there is nothing remotely embarrassing about being highly susceptible to anxiety. We need to understand the origins of our moods and learn to talk about them with an open heart and a resolute mind.

Learn more here