Good Cops and Hilarious News

The Nightcap


“Love is all, it gives all, and it takes all.” – Soren Kierkegaard

Cops Aren’t That Bad

Police officers have such a bad reputation these days. There are videos that show them abusing their power. This only continues to fuel the fire of individuals believing that all cops are bad people, and the unfortunate fact is that this can’t be more untrue.

In this video, you will see two police officers that display the wonderful side that most people just can’t see. It all begins when they walk up on a crowd of dancers in the mall and pretend that they are going to make the dancers leave. Instead, the two officers join the dancers and then give the patrons of the mall a show that they just couldn’t imagine seeing anywhere.

It’s a beautiful thing when people video police officers who are doing wonderful things in the community. It also helps when people record officers joining the public in fun displays because it shows another side of some police officers that people just don’t see. We are often bombarded with video footage of bad cops being nasty, ugly, or even evil. We so rarely have the opportunity to see cops being loving, cooperative, and friendly–which is why this video is so special.

Hilarious News Bloopers

Lately, we have all spent a great deal of time watching news programs that have scared the mess out of us all in relation to this CORIV-19 that’s been going around. People are running scared based on the information they are receiving from the news media on how many lives are being affected by the coronavirus and how many are dying. With such depressing news, it truly makes life grand to finally take a look at the news media and have a reason to smile.

Such is the case in this compilation video of bloopers from different news outlets – from outbursts of uncontrollable giggles to words that were stated that were definitely not meant for the evening news. It’s time to laugh during a very tense time throughout the nation. So, sit back and watch something that will bring your smile back to your face.

One Good Slap

It’s unfortunate, but you do have some people in this world who are in need of a good slap right across the kisser! They deserve such treatment because they are annoying, and they know it. The worst part is that they don’t care who they annoy or for how long. For this, we dedicate this video to them and millions of others who just can’t seem to get the hint.

In this video, there are two guys who are at the very beginning of a street fight. Prior to any real blows being thrown, one guy does a superb job of slapping the holy crap out of the other before he could even put up his dukes. It’s incredibly hilarious, although it’s not meant to be, for the mere fact that the guy slaps the other so fast—and so many times—that it’s almost hard to keep count.