No Shoe, No Shirt, No Pandemic

The Nightcap


“One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.” – William Feather

Sorry We’re Closed

While the coronavirus pandemic is undeniably hurting all of us economically, many of us are more fortunate than others that we either can still work from home or that our jobs are necessary during this crisis.

But where does that leave bartenders, servers, retail workers, receptionists, janitors, etc?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t put them anywhere but home and these are not the sort of jobs you can accomplish through zoom chat or remotely.

As such, we are experiencing a massive surge of people finding themselves in a lockdown with no residual income… which is a problem. A huge problem, particularly if you have no skill sets to offer from the safety of your home.

This article focuses on the very real juxtaposition restaurant workers face as they struggle to find ways to make money and pay bills.

Imitation is The Greatest Form of Flattery

Just because most of us are quarantined and practically locked inside with nothing to do but binge Netflix, doesn’t mean we are totally at a loss for fun things to do.

Many schools, museums, and musical artists are introducing virtual “watch parties” to still spread the joys and importance of learning and entertainment.

One museum, in particular, is not only letting people take virtual tours of their layout – but they have also doubled-up and have challenged their viewers to recreate their favorite paintings.

The results were both hilarious and clever and definitely, a great way to spend extra free time with your family.

Here are the results.

For The Greater Good

Desperate times call for desperate measures and it seems as though the coronavirus has made us quite a bit desperate in most aspects of our lives.

For some, it’s homeschooling their children. Like, I loooove my child but I’m in no position to give him the kind of education this kid deserves. Furthermore, I’m claustrophobic AF so sharing my small condo WITH my son without the possibility of leaving REALLY drains me, mentally. (Again, love my son, just not under these circumstances).

And I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had to give up something to try and maintain the health of society.

Take this medical fetish group from the U.K. that was recently contacted by desperate hospital workers to provide medical gear. You know that wasn’t easy for either party, but both felt obligated and did what they had to for the greater good of society.

Who said porn was bad for your health?