Yippy-Ki-Stay At Home

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“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.” – Julia Child

Listen To Mr. Jackson

Is there anyone more badass and iconic than Samuel L Jackson? The answer is “no” in case you were going to waste your time giving that question some thought.

From playing cool characters in Pulp Fiction and Diehard to hysterically reading the classic childhood book, “Go The F*** To Sleep”, this man can do no wrong.

In this hysterical video, watch as Samuel L Jackson ever-so-politely reminds everyone to stay the f*** at home during this whole COVID-19 pandemic.

Why? Because everyone know you should always listen to Samual L Jackson.

Correction Reflections

As a writer, I pride myself in understanding and implementing proper grammar and spelling. However, I understand why many people have issues with both these days.

I almost exclusively blame autocorrect and programs like Grammarly for the general population’s lack of ability to spell or format sentences. This is because we no longer have to use our brains to write.

Forget a comma or use the wrong word? No problem! Grammarly will tell you to fix it. Spell a word incorrectly? No big deal. Your phone’s autocorrect will fix it for you.

These systems are great and make work easy, but that’s where the problem stems from – we don’t have to think through our mistakes. As a result, we start forgetting certain things like the difference between waist and waste.

While the dumbing down of society isn’t funny, this list of spelling mistakes is actually quite hilarious.

Justin Timberlake’s Bromance with Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy invites Justin Timberlake over via video chat to catch up and reminisce about how they got to know each other, from bonding backstage at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards to a memorable Africa trip that kickstarted a nearly 18-year friendship.

Watch Here