Making The Best Out Of This Pandemic

The Nightcap


“The glow of one warm thought is to me worth more than money.” – Thomas Jefferson

Turtle Power

While the coronavirus (also referred to as COVID-19) has created economic destruction and left an unprecedented number of human casualties, there has been one upside to this whole fiasco.

And that is an environmental makeover.

It turns out that when humans are on lockdown and unable to drive cars, operate machinery, harvest crops, and play at the beaches and parks, Mother Earth actually has time to heal.

Pollution from carbon emission has gone down tremendously in many cities around the world. Suddenly – seemingly overnight – the air in cities like Shanghai and Mexico City is clear and not bogged down by smoke.

If that doesn’t give you just a little hope that maybe this virus had a silver lining, read this article about how the lack of human interaction on the beaches has helped save thousands of sea turtles.

One Flew Over The Cukoo’s Nest

Us humans are really freak’in good at not doing anything and getting nothing accomplished.

Ironically, we’re best at doing this when there are things that actually NEED to be dealt with. It’s almost like our brains go into panic mode and then into autopilot as soon as we know we have something important to do (like taxes or a work project or cleaning the house). It’s about at that time that we decide we would rather play video games or binge watch Netflix.

Now that everyone is in quarantine, though, it feels like doing nothing is the worst possible fate for all of us.

So, if you are like me and are having difficulty adapting to life in isolation, consider this advice from the great Larry David.

Sport Report – SNL

Bob Tisdale (Alex Moffat) gives play-by-plays of everyday, at-home activities in the Sport Report.

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