Know-It-Alls and Tree Huggers

The Nightcap


“We are an impossibility in an impossible universe.” – Ray Bradbury


When it comes to arguing and/or confrontation, there are three kinds of people: those who will go at it no-holds-barred, those who avoid it like the plague, and those who do it passive-aggressively.

Arguing with anyone for any reason generally isn’t fun (unless it’s on social media and you’re trolling someone. Then, it’s a little fun). However, the most annoying conflicts are those that go about it passive-aggressively.

Why? Because it’s almost impossible to have an argument with a passive-aggressive person. If you call them out of their bullshit head-on, then YOU look like the irrational hot-head. But if you stoop to their level, then you are just as annoyingly manipulating as them.

In this hysterical satire video by social media sensation, JP Spears, watch how two “spiritually woke” people fight in the most ridiculous and passive-aggressive way imaginable.

Tree Huggers

Between mass shootings, natural disasters, and now The Great Pandemic of 2020, the last 18 months have been rough. I don’t know what God or higher being we made mad, but can we all just collectively apologize and return to a semi-normal life?

With all, that’s going on around us and to us, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who is in need of a hug. But since none of us are even allowed to touch each other, something as simple as physical contact is out of the question.

When all hope seems lost, in walks Iceland who has an alternative solution to hugging a person for comfort. Just hug a tree! No, not figuratively. Literally. Become a tree hugger.

According to this article, trees give off positive energy and vibes that help you feel calm and centered when you wrap your arms around them. You might even get some exfoliation from the bark. I’m not sure how much I buy this, but at this point; I’d be willing to try anything.

The Celebrity Who Knows Nothing About Pop Culture

Ellen chatted with Jimmy Kimmel about how it was basically decided for him to be the new host of the “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” revival, and which celebrity contestant doesn’t know anything about pop culture. Plus, he talks about what it’s been like filming his “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” show from home, and the go-to meal he makes that his kids love.

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