Could Things Get Any Weirder?

The Nightcap


“Be brave enough to live life creatively. The creative place where no one else has ever been.” – Alan Alda

Engagement Ring Made Out Of Nail Clippings

It’s time to totally gross you out in a silly love-struck kind of way. We know that there are some men out there who will save over 3-6 months of their salary just to buy the woman of their dreams the perfect engagement ring. What woman in her right mind could possibly look at a huge diamond and actually walk away, right?

Here, you will see how a guy turns 2 years worth of his toenail clippings into an engagement ring for his fiancĂ©. If it sounds as gross as the concept is, then you are on the same path as most of us. Also, for you guys out there who might want to save a bit of cash on an engagement ring… this video is definitely for you.

What do you think? Would you ever accept such a ring? If you’re a guy, would you ever consider making such a ring for your partner? Tell us about it.

Strange Animals With Hidden Talents

Amidst all the death, quarantines, and pandemics that surround us all, it can feel pretty good when we receive a video that shows something amazing and natural. Here, we have just the video to ensure you find your “awwww” moment that’s buried deep inside. All you have to do is sit back, open your mind, and prepare yourself to be amazed by animals that not only look weird, but that have some pretty weird traits about them.

Here, you will so a few animals that you might not recognize and there’s a great reason for that…they are very rare. Goats that can scale buildings, fish that like to fish, and other animals that will amaze you more than any magician ever could. It’s a must see on so many levels.

Consider this video our way of giving you that special opportunity to view a reminder of the splendors that still exist…no matter what we face in this life. Enjoy!

Funniest Ever Celebrity Comebacks!

A compilation of the funniest roasts and comebacks from various comedians, talk show hosts and actors… Watch here