Why Women Should Know How To Fight

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“Love is like a beautiful flower which I may not touch, but whose fragrance makes the garden a place of delight just the same.” – Helen Keller

Learning To Protect Yourself

It’s very unfortunate that women typically fail to have the ability to defend themselves. There are men who take advantage of the weak physical strength of most women, and as a result, many women are hurt by men who “manhandle” them.

Here, you will see a guy being very rough with a woman and not caring if he is harming her or not. The only problem is that the guy doesn’t know that someone will come to her aid…someone he’d never expect.

The guy who decided to grab the woman in this video was taken by surprise when another woman came to her aid. The guy laughed because he didn’t expect the woman who approached him to have any idea on how to defend herself…boy, was he wrong. As it turns out, the woman who approached him was a famous fighter who had won many bouts. When the guy attempted to grab the prized fighter, she gave him one kick and it was all over! This is why more women need to know how to defend themselves.

There are many women who are abducted every day, and we can only imagine if the percentage of abducted women would go down if by chance more women could fight. Additionally, if women knew how to fight, more criminals would probably think twice before they attempt to attack another woman. All women have the ability to fight…they just need to know the right techniques.

When rude Uber drivers encounter rude passengers

There are a number of people who tend to believe that everyone else is rude and that they are always the victim. These are more than likely the same people who are mean and ignorant of the fact that they are incredibly selfish and short tempered. Take this video, for example. It’s almost hard to identify the bad guy with these two rude individuals.

Was the passenger in the wrong because she failed to have a bubbly attitude when she got into the car? Or, was the driver in the wrong for being so sensitive? When you’re in the business of dealing with the public, shouldn’t you have the best attitude considering they are paying you? Is the customer always right?

Take a moment to check out this video and then tell us what you think.

Real life exosphere experiment from pond water!

When was the last time you did a scientific experiment from the comfort of your own home? If the answer is never, then you might want to watch this video. Here, you will see just how much fun it can be when you take the time to learn new things on your own. Considering the fact that we are all pretty much stuck in the house anyway, this is the perfect at-home activity.