Not All Women Are Gold Diggers – Some Are Just Gold

The Nightcap


“I argue thee that love is life. And life hath immortality.” – Emily Dickinson

I Didn’t See That Coming

It’s unfortunate but there is a rumor about some beautiful young women in Los Angeles that has yet to die. Supposedly, gorgeous women only seem to be interested in guys who are loaded with a lot of cash.

Maybe this rumor circulated as a result of some women who are actually known for only dealing with guys who have money–in which case, the rumor has spread to include all women.

Well, in this video you will see living proof that not all women are interested in guys who have money. Some women are actually interested in guys who are…well…just plain old interesting.

Expectation vs. Our Reality

We all have situations played out in our mind of how we think, or hope, things should play out in the end. We visualize ourselves making effortless moves to reach our goals, only to find that the reality of our actions just doesn’t come out the same way it did in our mind.

In this compilation video you will laugh until you cry as you watch how people attempt to do something that others did perfectly…only to find that their reality didn’t produce the same results. Although this is funny, it somehow taps onto a reality in which we can all relate. We all have dreams of achieving our goals, and in our dreams we make moves that are on point and fluid.

This looks and sounds great until we actually put forth the effort to make our goals a reality. Somehow, the reality of how things unfold don’t always look–or feel–like they did in our dreams. When this happens, most people simply give up due to an overwhelming sensation of disappointment. This is the moment when the winners become separated from those who just aren’t ready to grab life by the horns.

Celebrities Who Sold Out

There are some individuals in the world who are willing to do anything for fame, riches, and glory. They aren’t so much interested in providing a skill that can benefit others as much as they are interested in being worshiped by everyone on earth. With such a desire, you may not be surprised that some celebrities are signing away their soul with blood contracts to an entity that is of this world and beyond.

In this compilation video, you will see many famous celebrities who admit to selling their souls to the devil for fame.